« Le Rossignol Bleu »

 « Le Rossignol Bleu »  – Gaële Le Roi

« Le Rossignol Bleu »
Gaële Le Roi 

« Music gives us access to the heart of the world. »
-Hubert Reeves L’espace prend la forme de mon regard

A bit of background:

“Le Rossignol Bleu” proposes, for a moment, thanks to music, to come and make life twitter in nursing and care homes, hospital units…

Thanks to her certification in music therapy, Gaële Le Roi offers musical workshops with “Le Rossignol Bleu”, no matter your age or ability, just experience the joy of looking within yourself… for yourself!

Gaële Le Roi also wants to transmit her experience as a lyrical artist in all simplicity, either individually or in a group. Especially not a “singing teacher”, but rather take you on a musical journey, the time to learn to understand this wonderful instrument that is: the voice…

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